Hey, I'm Daniel

I work as a SRE in Montreal where I have been living since the end of 2016. In my spare time, I contribute to OpenBSD, I develop in Python and Golang. When it's hotter than 10 Celsius, I ride my single speed.

My cat goes by the name of Jean Canard.

I've been a board member of the QIX, the Internet Exchange Point in Montreal.

Previously, I've been involved in a couple of non-profits such as Franciliens.net, FFDN, and Nos oignons. At the time I was living in France. Before I came to Montreal, I lived for eight years in Normandy (Caen and Rouen) and one year in Brittany (Rennes).

I have the Canadian and French citizenships.

You can read quotes from me in Le Monde and in Amaelle Guiton's book Au coeur de la résistance numérique.