Cute pieces of OpenBSD evangelism

About the blog

I use this blog to express my self (o'rly). I show what I do but they are not mandatory how-tos but rather some example of what we can do. I also use it to document what I did and how I did it.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the content of this blog is under the WTFPL licence. It means that you can do what you want.

I use emacs to write my articles so I apologize for my mispelling and so on. You can contact me if you find any mistake, I will correct!

Your datas won't be given to any third parties like google analytics, they will stay in my /var/www/logs/access.log (you can verify with noscript or other plugin like it) becaus I think that our privacy is more important than to know how many people went here.

The domain which leads here is a (obvious) reference to the unix command chown(8) which allows to modify the owner of a file. I like the connotation of belonging (domination <3) and with the ccTLD, it enables to do a pun (we have fun as we manage to).